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The Future of Living: Interview with Sankarshan Murthy

Sankarshan Murthy, Co-founder and CEO of Bumblebee Spaces talks about the constraints of space and how Bumblebee Spaces is seeking to disrupt the industry by innovating a new way of living, combining AI and robotics.

Sankarshan Murthy leads Bumblebee spaces a company that uses smart robots and AI to unlock the third dimension of a living space. Sankarshan graduated from UPenn and worked at Tesla and Apple before deciding to turn a problem he faced into a startup. Sankarshan talks about his entrepreneurial journey, challenges he faced and the mentorship he received. But he also shares his vision for the future and his advice for undergraduates.

In this interview, you will learn

  1. Why is space a constraint for the future? What about space is attractive to you?

  2. What is the difference between the business culture and mentality in large tech corporations as you experienced during your time at Apple and Tesla, as compared to a new start-up?

  3. How to find the right people for your team?

  4. On the way to mass market adoption for technology to reduce space usage, what major roadblock do you foresee?

This interview is dedicated to Evidence Action - Dispensers for Water Initiative at

"Be a futurist, because that is where you should be spending your mental energy on.” – Sankarshan Murthy

Interview Transcript

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