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Looking ahead in Media: Interview with Jon Steinberg

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Jon Steinberg, President of Altice News and Advertising and Founder of Cheddar Inc. shares his advice for undergraduates and his vision for the future of media.

Jon Steinberg is the President of Altice USA News and Advertising, which encompasses News 12, i24, and Cheddar. Jon used to be the CEO of Cheddar, which Altice acquired in June of 2019. Prior to that he was the Chief Executive Officer of North America and President of BuzzFeed.

In this interview, you will learn

  1. How do you continue to reinvent yourself in your career?

  2. What is one lesson Jon learned from each of the companies he ran, DailyMail, BuzzFeed, and Cheddar.

  3. What do bosses look for in their best employees?

  4. What will the future of media look like? Will it be dominated by short form content or are there other possibilities?

Jon Steinberg has chosen to dedicate this interview to The Basser Center for BRCA at Penn The Basser Center is the first comprehensive center for the research, treatment, and prevention of breast cancer. Learn more about the work at the Basser Center at

“...nobody wanted to work at BuzzFeed, because BuzzFeed was not a hot company in 2010. Everybody wanted to work at Foursquare, and so when I got the opportunity to go there to be the business builder, I took it because it was it was the only opportunity that was open.... But starting out of the game, I just brought value, and I think that's really the key. You pick a company that nobody else wants to work for, and you bring value right away.

Interview Transcript

Stay tuned for a published transcript


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