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Investing in a Global World - Interview with Jim Rogers

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Jim Rogers, Co-Founder of Quantum Fund and Author of "The Investment Biker" and numerous other best sellers talks about China-U.S relations, investment advice, the greatest lessons he learned as a student and a young professional.

Raised in Demopolis, Alabma, Jim Rogers graduated with a Bachelor's in History from Yale University. After working in Wall street for two years, Jim Rogers attended Oxford University for a BA degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. After college Jim famously co-founded the Quantum Fund, with. The Quantum Fund portfolio gained 4,200% while the S&P advanced about 47%. The Quantum Fund was one of the first truly global funds. In 1980, Rogers decided to "retire" and traveled on a motorcycle around the world. He now lives with his wife and two daughters in Singapore.

In this interview, you will learn

  1. What is the fundamental metric that Jim uses to spot great investments?

  2. What parallels does Jim Rogers see between current events and historical precedents?

  3. Why is Jim skeptical on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

  4. Why does Jim want his children to attend colleges away from their home?

The event is dedicated to the Helen Keller International, an organization which provides critical nutrition to children around the world at-risk for vitamin A deficiency — a condition that can lead to blindness and death.( .

Check out Jim Roger's book The Investment Biker on Amazon: Also as mentioned in the interview, find the youtube channel of the Roger's Family here:

When I was hiring, I was looking for somebody who paid attention to detail. Who would get things right. If I said "Is the sky blue?", I wanted somebody who would go and look out the window and come back and say "Yes, the sky is blue. It was green yesterday and is going to be purple tomorrow." I wanted somebody who gave me accurate, precise information. That's what I needed in an assistant to help us make decisions. So be attentive to detail. get things right. That's your first step.

Interview Transcript

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