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Interview with Joseph Rehmann of Victory Farms: Affordable Protein in Africa

We are so happy to share our interview with Joseph Rehmann! Joseph is the Founder & Group CEO for Victory Farms. By rebuilding the fish value chain from scratch, Victory Farms drastically reduced the cost of protein in Africa. Through this journey, Joe and his team have built one of the first truly regenerative aquaculture farms in the world: all while improving biodiversity, sinking carbon, and supporting jobs and local communities in Kenya and beyond.

Watch the full interview below to learn her thoughts on:

  • 00:00 🌍 Introduction and Overview: Joseph Rehmann introduces Victory Farms and its mission in Africa,

  • 01:37 🐟 Sustainable Aquaculture in Africa: Highlights the potential and innovations of Victory Farms aquaculture System for tilapia farming

  • 06:12 🎓 Transitioning into Entrepreneurship: Joseph's transition from investment banking to sustainable agriculture; The importance of building fundamental skills and having mentors.

  • 10:49 💡 Starting a Business After Graduation: Discussion on starting a business after graduation and the value of diverse skills in a startup team; The significance of gaining real-world experience for developing business ideas.

  • 14:17 📈 Impact and Scale of Victory Farms: Overview of Victory Farms' impact, the balance between profitability and community impact.

  • 20:41 🌟 Advice for Aspiring Change-Makers: Take risks if you are truly aligned with its passion and values.

"Nature your passion and allow it to develop. Whether it is conventional or not, let yourself go into the dimensions that you want to go."

Full Interview with Joseph Rehmann


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