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Inspire a billion people to make sustainable choices - Interview with Vikas Garg

Vikas Garg is the Founder & CEO of abillion. Abillion is a social media platform focused on helping people create better daily habits and rituals, starting with what they eat and buy. Abillion’s mission is to become the definitive global ecosystem for everything sustainable.

Highlight Reel from Vikas Garg Interview

In this interview, you will learn:

  1. The story of Abillion.

  2. Vikas Plans for early career path.

  3. The future of cultivated meat.

  4. How to pick the right ecosystem for the business.

  5. Advice for young entrepreneurs.

"That is always valuable learning how to talk, learning how to present yourself, learning how to write clearly, learning how to use financial modeling. All of these tools will be valuable for your whole life."
"The key is whatever you do, find something that is gonna to challenge you and find something you are going to have really work very hard in the first few years of your career."

Full Interview with Vikas Garg



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