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Pioneering Innovation in Investing - Interview with Atish Davda

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Atish Davda is CEO and Co-Founder of EquityZen, a company working on bringing private markets to the public. Atish talks about his journey starting EquityZen and what this company means to the future of investing in innovation.

Prior to this entrepreneurial adventure, Atish was VP Product at Ampush, a big-data advertising technology firm. He launched SF-based Ampush's New York office as first engineer and successfully procured the coveted Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer membership. Atish began his career as a financial engineer at AQR Capital.

In this interview, you will learn

  1. Why has investing in public companies been so difficult until recently? What changed?

  2. In his role, talking to the leaders of the biggest private companies of all time, what attributes has Atish learned that they share in common?

  3. What will be the future of financing innovation?

  4. How did Atish get the first customers to trust him?

The interview is dedicated to PennPAC. PennPAC works with nonprofit organizations to help solve their business challenges through the engagement of Penn alumni who serve as pro bono consultants for short-term projects. (

Interview Transcript

Stay tuned for a published transcript


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