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Innovating Through Impact: An Introduction

If you could solve one problem for the world, what would it be?

At a very young age, Ethan Brown, founder and CEO, of Beyond Meat’s father asked him this simple question, launching Ethan’s exploration towards his own path towards a career towards sustainability. Now we bring this question to you.

For many of us, money is no longer the end goal - Instead, it is doing something that will leave the greatest possible change for the world. When the focus of your career shifts from pursuing stability to pursuing impact, a whole new world opens up. This book talks to founders who did just that, putting impact above all else: one created a multimillion-dollar company that built the first drone delivery ecosystem in Africa to help deliver critical medical supplies (Zipline), and another took out retirement savings to build what became an alternative meat empire (Beyond Meat). Others in this book found the cure to the problem they sought to address through cryptocurrency, cell-based meat, AI, or impact investing. Through their words, we learn what it takes to build impact through your career. What do these solutions look like if they work? And what did the people behind them do and learn to get here?

Some questions this book will help answer:

  • How should you think about pursuing impact through your career? 

  • Why science fiction is a key to understanding the future?

  • Should you structure your impact-driven startup as a business or a non-profit?

  • How to optimize decisions 

  • What is the frontier of new technology: Where is Blockchain headed towards? What is Cell-Based Meat? When problems can drone delivery truly solve?

  • BONUS: A consolidated breakdown of the key takeaways from extensive interviews with ten global innovators.


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