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The Future of Drone Delivery: Interview with Keller Rinaudo | Technology | Africa

Why Keller left consulting after only 6 weeks to pursue climbing and entrepreneurship...

Keller Rinaudo is the Co-founder and CEO of Zipline, a drone delivery company that transports critical and lifesaving products precisely where and when they are needed. Zipline is valued at more than 2.75 Billion dollars as a unicorn in the instant delivery logistics space.

After graduating from Harvard, Keller worked at a top consulting firm for 6 weeks before leaving to become a professional rock climber. He eventually self learned robotics and built the his first startup Romotive, before eventually morphing into Zipline.

In this interview, you will learn

  1. Why Science Fiction is the secret to understanding our future?

  2. How to build a successful company in the developing world and how it might even be an advantage?

  3. How will drone delivery technology continue to scale forward in real life use-cases

  4. How can we be a part of the drone/instant logistics industry?

This full interview is dedicated to Malaria No More ( They mobilize the political will and global resources required to achieve malaria eradication within our generation. There will be a Q&A section with questions selected from the comments section! Post your questions below.

If you look across all industries in the US, the vast majority of these industries are regulated to one degree or another. It's especially unique that the internet is pretty fundamentally unregulated. And I think that is the reason that so many companies have been able to move as fast as they have in the U.S. But when you start looking at 3D printing, life extension therapies, autonomous aircraft, or autonomous ground based vehicles... all of those technologies have hugely complicated regulatory problems"

Interview Transcript

Stay tuned for a published transcript


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