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Empowering Tech Pioneers in Africa - Andreata Muforo

Updated: Feb 3

Opportunities and Challengings of Tech Investments in Africa

Highlight Reel from Andreata Muforo Interview

Our interview today is with Andreata Muforo, Partner at TLcom Capital LLP. TLcom Capital is an Africa-focused tech VC. TLcom has been investing since 1999 in Tech, Media, Mobil, and Internet companies across Europe, the US, and Africa, which is the exclusive focus of its most recent TLcom TIDE Africa funds. TLcom manages total commitments of approximately 300 million USD in these sectors via a series of dedicated investment vehicles.

Watch the full interview below to learn her thoughts on:

  • 02:22 🌍 Andreata Muforo's Background and Motivation

  • 04:23 🚀 TLcom Capital's Investment Focus and Goal

  • 06:56 💰 Challenges in Fundraising for African Tech Startups

  • 11:10 💻 Technological Shifts Driving Innovation in Africa

  • 13:57 🤖 How AI is impacting the business in Africa

  • 17:50 🤝 Diversity within the TLcom team

  • 31:55 🌈 Future Vision for Africa with Technology

  • 33:51 🌱 Advice for Young Professionals

"It is to follow your interest, what are the things you are interested right now. The only way you will know if something is a fit fo you is by actually working on it and be open to changes."

Full Interview with Andreata Muforo

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