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Driving the Future of Vertical Farming - Interview with Irving Fain

The importance of innovative food access solutions, entrepreneurial spirit, and challenging the status quo in agriculture through vertical farming.

Highlight Reel from Irving Fain Interview

Irving Fain is the founder and CEO of Bowery Farming, a cutting-edge vertical farming company that is revolutionizing the way we grow food. Irving has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to using technology to create a paradigm shift in how we produce agricultural goods and interact with the world, the land around us. Today’s discussion will not only cover the traditional founders story, but also how to provide healthy, quality and sustainable food at scale.

Watch the full interview below to learn her thoughts on:

  • 00:53 🌍 Irving Fain dedicates the interview to DC Central Kitchen, a charity that improves food access in communities without grocery stores.

  • 02:33 🚀 Irving Fain has had an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood, engaging in various small business ventures.

  • 04:10 🏢 Irving transitioned from a stable career to entrepreneurship and eventually founded Bowery Farming.

  • 10:44 🌱 Bowery Farming utilizes vertical farming technology to grow produce in a controlled, efficient, and pesticide-free environment.

  • 18:46 💊 Pesticide use in traditional agriculture has numerous negative impacts, including health risks, soil quality degradation, and environmental damage. Bowery Farming's pesticide-free approach addresses these issues

  • 21:18 🌍 Climatic disruptions, geopolitical issues, and supply chain problems are affecting the reliability of our food system.

  • 22:27 🥗 Vertical farming reduces food waste, provides fresher products, and preserves more nutrients by delivering crops within 24-36 hours of harvest.

  • 23:21 🌱 Vertical farming allows for greater biodiversity in crop varieties, leading to improved taste and quality.

  • 26:26 💼 Vertical farming is a growing industry, with various players, from small-scale local farms to large-scale global operations.

  • 35:17 💰 Bowery aims to be price competitive and even below the cost of organic products, contributing to the accessibility of high-quality fresh produce.

This Interview is dedicated to DC Central Kitchen. Check out their website to learn more:

"We are absolutely re-imaging farming...but the re-imagination of farming is just a part of what we do which enables us to reinvent the entirety of the supply chain and build a shorter, simpler, safer, a much more sustainable supply chain."

Full Interview with Irving Fain

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