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Driving Growth across African E-commerce - Interview with Daniel Yu

Excited to share the latest interview in the series!

In this interview, you will learn:

  • What problem is Wasoko trying to solve?

  • Wasoko's solution?

  • Daniel's advice on driving impact.

Highlight Reel from Daniel Yu Interview

Daniel Yu is the Founder and CEO of Wasoko. Wasoko helps shopkeepers order products via their mobile app and receive delivery at their doorstep. In addition, the Wasoko has been able to support and finance small shopkeepers which work with them, helping to transform informal retail shops across Africa.  Daniel is also conversational in more than 8 languages, and took the founders pledge to transfer 70% of his proceeds to effective interventions in reducing suffering.

Watch the full interview below to learn more thoughts:

"Be very open to run into dead ends, backing up, then going the other way. Just, keep exploring these different pathways towards, more and more interesting things."

Full Interview with Daniel Yu


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