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Building a Financially Inclusive World - Basil Moftah

Updated: Feb 3

The importance of financial inclusion and challenges/opportunities in the FinTech industry in emerging markets

Highlight Reel from Basil Moftah Interview

Our interview today is with Basil Moftah, the General Partner at Nclude, a venture capitalist fund and fintech innovation engine with a core focus on the Middle East and North Africa. As an influential force in the venture capital space, Basil is at the forefront of the fintech revolution in Egypt, a country experiencing a quantum leap forward in its fintech ecosystem.

Watch the full interview below to learn her thoughts on:

  • 00:00 🌐 Introduction to Basil Moftah

  • 06:24 🤝 Insights into how global companies view emerging markets

  • 10:04 💰 Importance of understanding effective fund usage

  • 15:27 💼 Why Basil focuses on financial inclusion problem

  • 17:33 💳 Challenges and dream situation for Fintech in Egypt

  • 22:05 📜 Governments' role in setting regulatory frameworks for Fintech

  • 27:29 🚀 Challenges of Cross-Border Expansion

  • 34:17 🌾 Why Basil thinks agriculture is the most undervalued sector in Egypt?

  • 43:57 🌈 Diversity in Investment and Founders

  • 47:10 🌟 Advice for young professionals

"Get into the real world. Get any experience that you can. Become a part of it and understand the challenges people face before you think by doing a bit of ChatGPT, you have the answer to the world. The reality is not an algorithm that spits out probabilistic correct answer."

Full Interview with Basil Moftah

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