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Becoming the Nexus of China-US Business - Interview with Han Shen Lin

The importance of being a bridge in the cross-border space between the US and China.

Highlight Reel from Han Shen Lin Interview

Introducing our interview with Han Shen Lin. Han is a full time Assistant Professor of Practice in Finance and Capstone Director for the MS in Quantitative Finance program at New York University Shanghai. He has also been the interim Country Manager in Wells Fargo China - leading the banks growth and strategy in China. He also serves on the Board of Governors of the American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai. Han has served in both the U.S. Peace Corps (RPCV -Ukraine) and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves (Honorably Discharged).

Our conversation focuses on how Han's career across a multitude of industries and experiences, helped build his identity while working at the highest level of International Finance. What does it take to be at the helm of a global bank Country office in China? What lessons will he share with students who are looking into the next step of their career?

Watch the full interview below to learn her thoughts on:

  • 00:00 🎙️ Introduction of Mr. Han Shen Lin

  • 10:14 🌍 Lessons from Working in Ukraine

  • 18:11 🌐 Adapting to Different Business Cultures

  • 22:56 🌏 Companies Expanding into China

  • 23:35 💼 Success in China Market Entry

  • 27:40 📈 Successful US Companies in China

  • 31:21 💚 Consumer Behavior and ESG Focus

  • 37:00 💡 Industry-Specific Challenges

  • 41:59 💰 Currency Control and Global Finance

  • 47:44 💼 A day in the life of a deputy general manager at a global bank in China.

  • 51:57 🗣️ Selling ideas in the financial and banking sector.

  • 53:07 💰 Practical advice for young professionals.

"There is such a huge demand for young people who can understand US and China policies, who can understand that cross-border space and figure out ways to make things succeed."

Full Interview with Han Shen Lin


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