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Future of Sustainable Design - Interview with Joey Zwillinger: Co-Founder of Allbirds

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

How did a soccer player and an engineer innovate the next generation of sustainable shoes.

Joey Zwillinger is a Wharton MBA with a background in biotech engineering and renewable materials. In 2015 he helped co-found Allbirds with his partner Tim Brown. Since its founding, Allbirds has gone to design what Time Magazine has called the “World’s Most Comfortable Shoe” and has been worn by Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio and many others. But even more fascinating is Allbirds' no compromise mentality to developing shoes that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Allbirds is a B-corp certified organization and is carbon neutral, creating their shoes with natural materials such as Wool or Eucalyptus Trees.

In this interview you will learn,

  1. How did Joey communicate Allbirds' brand image?

  2. What can companies to do truly put stakeholders first,?

  3. How can we create an impact on sustainability as consumers?

  4. What did Joey do when he was our age? And how did he approach continued learning after graduation?

The event is dedicated to raise awareness for Stiles Hall, an organization helping low-income, youth of color students succeed and excel in the education pipeline ( . Find more about Allbirds at

"Why can't a company be more like a tree that gives back more than it takes from the planet? It absolutely can. The technology all exists to do it. We just need some willpower, innovation, and focus.


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