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Interview with AiFi CEO Steve Gu: The Future of Retail

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

How will the retail landscape be transformed by autonomous technology?

Steve Gu, CEO of AiFi talks about how he is using AI to automate stores around the world. While AmazonGo and other large conglomerates are pursuing a cashier-less future, Steve Gu talks about AiFi is shaping this emerging landscape and what to expect in the not so distant future.

In this interview you will learn

  1. How does computer vision and machine learning work in the context of an autonomous store?

  2. How does AiFi technology differentiate someone taking an 80g bag of chip versus taking a 120g Bag of chip

  3. What will our experience be like when we enter a retail store in 30 years?

Learn more about AiFi here:

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Focus is very important. We learned this lesson the hard way when we launched our start-up, and I think it’s something that people should spend more time looking into. Sometimes it’s easier to start with a grand vision, but without understanding the real pain points, it will be very hard to start a real business.

Interview Transcript

Stay tuned for a published transcript


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